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As a team we have a goal to help make the world a more positive place. We believe that a smile, wave and thank you are easy yet powerful ways we can change the world NOW. We are here to help people show their personalities, passions and businesses with the world day and night. Check out our avatar maker to create your custom Carma logo or have your own logo printed to use in a Carma lightbox.

The CARMA Mission!

Bringing a positive light to the world to connect, encourage and empower people's voice!

Our Values


Carma Box, goes way beyond our vision. Everyday we realize and see how other find new ways and purposes to use their Carma Box for good. Some may use it in their car, others in a cancer rally, still others might simply show where the snacks are at a Christmas party. Your imagination is your limit and we love this!

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Liz is the business coach. Her role is making connections for businesses, talking to clients & managing the Carma experience. Liz’s passion in life is to help people benefit so much from their dream job that they don’t have to worry about money. She is focused on supporting the business accounts.


Brad is the visionary of the company. The EXPRESS yourself vibe runs in Brad’s blood. He is a relative of the American Philosophist Ralph Waldo Emerson (known for being a champion of individualism). He came up with the idea to spread positivity on the road with custom avatars and he has been working on making that happen for years. Brad’s vision is to help with road rage and building a sense of community & communication between drivers.


Armand is the investor in the company. He has been in business for over 30 years. He engaged with Carma because he wants to support inventing products that help businesses become more visible. He values the variety of benefits it brings to his current clients.

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